Friday, March 11, 2011

"It's a flippin' mini"

Oh my God, another submission! This one comes from James (or, at least that's what his e-mail says). James says, "Really? At the Good Samaritan Society  National Campus in Sioux Falls and she's a manager." 

There are a lot of things wrong here. First is James's salient point -- it's a Mini. It's a tiny car. You can't part it in a proper parking spot? 

If I was a generous person, I'd note that the old parking spot lines are kinda visible and hey -- maybe she got confused. But those old lines are barely visible and the new lines are super clear. If I was still being generous, I'd note that the minivan (and obviously the other cars, too) are not parked properly. That, however, is not really so much being generous to the Mini driver as it is an indictment of all the other people who cannot properly park their cars. 

This lot is pretty much and epic parking FAIL all around. 

Thanks James! 

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