Sunday, October 16, 2011

More submissions!

Okay, I really thought my phone had this blog e-mail address. Apparently that is not the case, because I have just now found two e-mails from James. I'm so very sorry I'm just getting these posted now, James. Can you ever forgive me? I'll even do two posts for you.

James included this with his photo:

I get it.  I really do.  This summer has kicked my ass too!  It's Hot AND Humid.  This grocery store has no motorcycle parking.  Life sucks.  I know! It feels like everything is against you!
That's why I understood when you parked in the area that is marked off for the handicapped driver to get out of their vehicle.  Remember I know it's hot and that's probably why you're riding a motorcycle. 

It could also be why I see tons of people leave their car running and the A/C on.  It's the only reason I have that you left your motorcycle running!
Yes, it really was running and no one was around!

The culprit:

Thanks, James!

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