Monday, October 17, 2011

Can't help but feel I'm missing a post out there ...

E-mail from the management company:

Subject: URGENT!!!! Vehicle Needs To Be Moved Immediately!
The following vehicle needs to be moved immediately:

Silver Volkswagen Jetta
License Plate:  9XX XXX

It is parked on the 2nd level of the 2 level ramp in the back of the property, South side.

Thank you!

My guess is they have someone blocked in because THEY ARE CLEARLY MORE IMPORTANT. And of course, if you get here after all the parking is gone, blocking someone who arrived to the office far earlier than you did surely wouldn't mean they'd want to leave work before you.

Christ. It's only October. The next couple of months here are going to be a nightmare, parking-wise. Probably a nightmare other-things-wise, too. Yay.

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