Sunday, October 30, 2011

My goldmine might be ending.

As of November 1, the management company that runs our office building will have new parking procedures. We all got parking permits on Friday. I really hope I remember to use mine. Given my obsession with people parking like assholes, though, it shouldn't be all that tough to remember.

There will allegedly be more permit spots than permits, so we should never have to worry that we will have no option, since our overflow lot is gone. They will allegedly be tough on parking scofflaws, with a towing company patrolling the lots/ramps to haul away the following:

So that means douches like these people, parking in the fire lanes, will get their asses towed. I wonder if they're going to ease into it, or just tow the fuck out of all the idiots who think the rules do not apply to them.

I wonder how they'll deal with asshats like the the guy in the picture below. He's not taking up two spots in the traditional sense. He's clearly in his spot properly. However, he has parked his big-ass motherfucking truck in a "compact only" space, which means no one can park in that other "compact only" spot.

It's too bad I'm only working a half day on Tuesday. I was considering just taking a lawn chair out to watch all of the towing.

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