Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My office complex is a goldmine of parking douchecanoes.

When I first mentioned the idea for this blog, I nearly said, "Between work and the gym, I've got three posts a day." I probably meant to exaggerate a bit, but it's turning out to be almost true. The gym has been okay this week, but as soon as we get some snow, I bet that will change.

Work, though, has proved to be exactly what I figured it would be. I left late today, but still managed to catch this asshat, parking in a non-parking spot. What do you think those extra white lines mean?

As it turns out, this winner at life was back in his or her spot again today, but when I left work it was a whopping 0 degrees with a windchill in the neighborhood of -something. It's -19 right now. So, I didn't want to take my mitten off and roll down my window. But it's supposed to warm up later this week, so I'm sure I'll catch him or her again.

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