Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday parking jerks.

I unfortunately had to go to the mall today. But the trip gave me a chance to catch an asshole in the Southdale lot, outside of Macy's. How do you not know you parked like this? What makes you think you should leave your ass end hanging out into the driving lane? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Fucking rich-ass, entitled motherfuckers thinking they're better than everyone else (it's a Mercedes, y'all).

The view as I came back to my properly parked car:

Later, I was walking home from a visit to Uptown. I went to Penzeys for some herbs, almond extract and dutch process cocoa. Then I met my friend, Law Talkin' Gal at MAC so I could buy a buttload of new makeup. We then went to the Independent for a little happy hour. I hit Rainbow for some additional baking supplies (might get snowed in tomorrow and I need something to do if that happens), and when I was close to home, I came across this (blurry, horrible picture -- apologies, but I had a heavy grocery bag and it was fucking cold): two vehicles not in parking spots, and one of them blocking the goddamn sidewalk. It was less trouble getting around that shitty Suzuki Sidekick, though, than it was crossing the several glare ice sections of sidewalk on the walk home.

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