Thursday, February 3, 2011

That didn't take long.

The morning after I created the blog, I got my first entry. Hooray?

I took this photo on my way from the parking ramp into the office where I work in Bloomington. I considered taking a photo of the smokers standing within inches of the sign that says "Smoking prohibited within 25 feet of building entrances," but "This isn't the smoking section, assholes," is another blog entirely.

How do you like my sweet artwork, blacking out the license plate number? I'm talented, yo!

This is a perfect example of people apparently thinking that since the lines indicating that is not a parking spot aren't fully visible, they have every right to park in front of (and quite frankly on top of) the sidewalk where the rest of us have to walk to get into our offices.

Congratulations, black Pathfinder driver. You are the first entry in That's not a parking spot, asshole. You suck.

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